India court asks police to help US transgender man go home – BBC News

An Indian court has ordered the police to help a transgender man who was allegedly tricked by his parents into coming to the country, return home to the US.

Shivy, 18, is an Indian citizen living in the US since the age of three.

He alleged that his parents took away his passport and green card and tried to forcibly marry him off to a man.

Last year India’s Supreme Court recognised transgender people as a third gender in a landmark ruling.

On Monday, the Delhi High Court directed Shivy’s parents to “stop harassing him”, and return his identity and travel documents so that he could return home.

Justice Siddharth Mridul said Shivy would “travel unaccompanied and will not be subjected to any harassment by the extended family upon arrival in the US”.

The Delhi police was also directed to protect Shivy until he left the country.

Reports say the man’s mother, who appeared in the court, returned his documents, agreed to pay his tuition fees and provide air tickets for his return to the US.

Shivy, who was born female but identifies as male, told BBC Hindi that his parents brought him to the north Indian city of Agra to “fix” him, once they found out that he had a girlfriend.

The Delhi High Court termed the alleged harassment as nothing short of “bigotry” and said that India was a land of tolerance.

Source: India court asks police to help US transgender man go home – BBC News

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Former UN chief John Ashe charged with taking $1.3m in bribes – BBC News

US authorities have charged a former United Nations General Assembly president with taking bribes from a Chinese billionaire.

New York prosecutors said John Ashe “converted the UN into a platform for profit” as he helped real estate mogul Ng Lap Seng gain government contracts.

Mr Ashe is accused of taking $1.3m, spending the cash on luxury goods.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was “shocked and deeply troubled” by the allegations.

“In return for Rolex watches, a basketball court and bespoke suits, John Ashe sold himself and the global institution he led,” said US Federal Attorney Preet Bharara. “United by greed, they converted the UN into a platform for profit.”

Prosecutors say Mr Ashe used his position as permanent resident to the United Nations for Antigua and Barbuda and General Assembly head to introduce a UN document supporting a multibillion-dollar UN-sponsored conference centre that Mr Ng hoped to build as his legacy in Macau, where he lived.

Source: Former UN chief John Ashe charged with taking $1.3m in bribes – BBC News

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