Vaccine for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Medical researchers say they have discovered a possible “vaccine” for post-traumatic stress disorder that could protect soldiers in battle by regulating one of the body’s own hormones.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology report in a new paper that ghrelin, a hormone produced during stressful situations, primes the brain for PTSD. They believe that by controlling ghrelin, they can also prevent the formation of PTSD after traumatic events.

via Could a Vaccine for PTSD Protect Soldiers? : Discovery News.

Till date we knew about vaccines against infective microbials like bacteria, viruses etc., but now we are going to see vaccines for psychiatric illnesses too. Not sure how will you refer it as, I prefer calling it an extreme human engineering. Although, not sure how effective will such vaccine be but it sounds like Hollywood science fiction movies where men are found experimenting on robot’s brain. Finally, the vaccine shouldn’t reduce the perception of a soldier to others pain.

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