Man wears pink tutu to amuse wife fighting cancer

Bob Carey a slightly overweight photographer and people could see him around the world taking photos of himself wearing nothing but a pink tutu, reports The Telegraph.  Bob Carey has created some beautiful photos on these adventures, but his real reason for doing this is to put a smile on Linda’s face.  Linda is his wife of 27 years and was fighting breast cancer.

According to the Mirror, Bob is now better known as Ballerina Bob.  Deciding laughter was the best medicine, and knowing his wife’s sense of humor, he knew just how to keep her spirits up.  Linda stated that she would laugh seeing the photos and that would make her feel more positive.  She also shared the photos with others in the hospital who were similarly uplifted by the humorous images.

The project was started in 2003 and now, Bob has built up a large collection.  He has collected the images in a book called Ballerina.  Proceeds from the book sale will go to the Carey Foundation.  Bob set up the foundation in 2012 to benefit women that are suffering from breast cancer.

via Man wears pink tutu to amuse wife fighting cancer | National Monitor.

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