Tips common to both writing task 1 and 2

Good pencil gives clear writing

In the writing test few issues are common to both writing task 1 and 2. Here are the tips for those common issues.

First read the question stem carefully. Take care of the words used in the question and stick to the facts asked in the question throughout your writing.

Use margins in both side of you copy. Easy way give a fold.

At end of each paragraph try to leave one or two lines, in case you want to add more words latter.

Adding words to in the middle of a sentence by a upward pointing sign is probably acceptable.

Try to write in bold clean manner. So that examiner don’t have to struggle much to read your writing.

First, impression is best impression, clean good handwriting can create a better reflection of yours.

According to experts I connected in this regard, they probably don’t require good artistic writing, rather require simple good writing that communicate one’s ideas effectively.

Next in our discussion, what to write with- a pen or pencil? I think Pencils are better, because you can change your writing wherever necessary by erasing it. While carrying pencils choose good quality pencils which produce dark writing easily visible to the reader. Some pencils break easily so choose wisely. Its best is to use the same brand of pencil in test with which you practised at home during practise sessions. Carry enough number of pencils, sharpened properly, so that you do not require to waste time sharpening. Generally, 6 to 7 pencils should be more than sufficient, but you may carry more, there is probably no bar on the number of pencils you can carry in the test hall. Beside carrying enough number of pencils, don’t forget to carry a sharpener, you may not need it but carry it for your own safety. Suppose some or all of your pencils falls from your hand and the leads break, in that case having a sharpener might prove helpful.

Finally, what sort of eraser to be used? Although this might not seem very important, a poor quality eraser can make your writing dirty by leaving black spots on the answer paper, which might create a poor impression to the examiner. So, alike pencils use a good new eraser which you used before.

After finishing the writing tasks (both task 1 and 2), if possible check it immediately, word to word, so that you can get rid of all possible mistakes in relation to spelling, grammar, tense, sentence construction etc.

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The writing above is a clip of an individualized experience of the author of this article and has no relation with any official IELTS exam or its bodies. Please cross check issues that concern you from various competent authorities dealing with IELTS. This blog shouldn’t be used as a tool to prepare for any exam or test.

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