Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 (MH653) hijack and crash- 1977

Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 (MH653) was a scheduled domestic flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, operated by Malaysian Airline System (MAS). On the evening of 4 December 1977, the Boeing 737-200 aircraft flying the service crashed at Tanjung Kupang, Johor, in Malaysia.[1] It was the first—and is now the second-deadliest—fatal air crash for Malaysia Airlines (as MAS is now known); with all 93 passengers and 7 crew killed instantly.[2][3] The flight was apparently hijacked as soon as it reached cruise altitude. The circumstances in which the hijacking and subsequent crash occurred remain unsolved.

via Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  1. ‘Mysterious circumstances’ sounds very familiar.

    • Yes. But no one really knows till now what really went wrong with MH370. It may be a deliberate suicide attempt by the crew or may be a hijack situation happened on board or mechanical failure. Lets see what investigations conclude.

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