Should we pay money to read news online?

In today’s online era, newspaper companies and tv news channels have simultaneously started to broadcast news through their websites too. This is probably because most readers have switched their reading habits from the paper version to the online mode.

During our childhood days, newspapers use to get delivered daily morning at our home. Newspapers had its own distinct smell, primarily because for its unique recycled paper quality. And on Sunday’s most newspaper sellers would provide some supplementary pages, generally in exchange of few extra bucks.

Newspapers at certain localities were important beyond its news content, as a symbol of social status. Newspapers meant style to many, a cup of coffee combined with newspaper in hand and rolling on a reclining chair use to be a preferred style of many individuals, and some still hold the practice alive today. While others use to buy newspaper for other miscellaneous purposes like finding their matrimonial alliance to searching a job or property.

Newspapers weren’t something very cheap always, cost wise, to splash its news droplets on every poor man’s house. Although one single subscription might not hurt one much economically but the monthly and annual expenses for regular subscription made many to resent silently.

But things are no more exactly the same, neither in developed world nor in the developing. Infiltration of internet even at remote parts of the globe is gradually making it much easier for people to get access to news, online.

You can now save significant amount of money that you would have otherwise paid every month to purchase paper version of newspapers and get the same news from the internet, absolutely free and from multiple news providers.

Since smart phones boomed in the market news reading on the web appears to have reached its pinnacle. Opening a laptop or pc to read news would have hindered many to go to online to read news always, but these smart phones have made that quite simple, simply a tap away!

I think this is a good change, to get to know the news is part of every humans basic right and people should have options to get that free of cost.

However, recently we can find that some of the well renowned news media companies are gradually trying to convert their free online news to a pay and use service. They are starting with very low cost probably 10 dollars for 2-3 months subscription. Why such a monetizing attempt of the online news? May be they are not making enough profit by sell of news as they use to do with their paper version. Or may be human avarice for money has no end. Whatever may be the cause it might be uncomfortable for many readers who love to read news free of charge online.

Fortunately, some of the very popular old news broadcasting companies have not yet taken such initiative and are still providing news free over the internet.

If all such big news providers start to monetize by making online news a paid service, then the problem will start for people like me who don’t want to pay to read news on the internet. However, if such monetizing of online happens in real world one day, small less popular news companies may find it as an advantage to blossom and make a hike in their popularity by allowing free access to news.

Social networking sites in this regard, possibly makes the best earning from news display, despite not being the primary news collector. Since a large number of people these days rely on social networking sites to scroll through news event from different news media, their ad based revenue remains quite solid.

Although we see the headlines and a briefing of a news in the social networking site, we don’t always visit to the parent news broadcaster’s website to read the news. This means that the host news company don’t get that benefit what the social networking site gets, while it is so true that collecting news and then getting it typed in readable and presentable format is a daunting task.

This brings me to the journalists, who write the news articles. How do they earn money if news is to be circulated free on the web? Probably this easy access to news is not good for them. Not only that quality standard writing are now gradually becoming available in low profile news medias too due to a global rise of literacy and quality education.

Another sad point for journalists is that not every reader cares for good scholarly written articles. Many of the readers just want to read news in a pick a boo manner, similar to texting abbreviated text messages on their mobile phones, with no time or interest to delve into the news writers hard work. Well in that way sometimes it feels online news companies should also charged some money  to access their news. However, one thing pertaining to this issue one should not forget is that once a newspaper company which use to serve a small cluster of people at a region of the globe is now getting a global circulation by virtue of the internet, and therefore there loss and profit issue is really complicated.

But there is a flaw here too. Not every person who can’t cut a share of their monthly budget to read online news, is a poor reader. There are plenty of shrewd readers who truly appreciate the content of the writer but might not be willing to or able to pay for it.

In this regard, I feel one must not confuse an article written by a journalist for a common man with a research paper written for a mathematician, for instance. Popular research content publishing journals publish on a particular subject areas like maths or astrophysics which are frequently subscribed by universities for there libraries as reference materials to read for their staff and students. This can be a potential way of earning for those journal companies. Since mathematicians doing research have no other alternative way to gain access to a pure research article, they have no alternative other than getting access to the paid version to read and cite articles.

Whereas news are like flowers in the common mans garden where both a truck driver and the president of a country can visit. Therefore, making online news paid may not be a wise thing to do. Even many very rich person spend cautiously these days.

Finally how does this author accesses news? I read news through news feed section of a popular social networking site. Recently, I met through some branded international news providers, urging to go to their paid version to read there articles, which obviously prompted me to write this article. I removed those news companies from my liked list of newspapers.

In my opinion, news media companies should try to earn their revenue by other means like ads. Most readers don’t mind ads as long as the news is free. A paid version of news may be kept optional for readers who don’t want to view scattered ads around a news item.

Well finally time will answer if really one day all online news providing companies will shift to a paid subscription edition like printed paper version of newspapers.

At least people like this author will be the last person to support this mode of commercialization. News means the voice of truth, freedom and democracy, hence my appeal will be to keep online news free of charges.

Money – the primary requirement for higher education today

When we were kids, our teachers and parents gave us certain core views about education, one noteworthy was that better educational institute means a heaven where talent is solely honored, and therefore money is not important in that perspective. However, it don’t seem to be totally true when we see the trend of modern higher education and the tuition fees related to it.

To get enrolled in the top most universities today undoubtedly you need to accumulate hundreds and thousands of dollars first, then is if you are meritorious or not. People who pay big chunks to get their education from those top ranking universities are  equally becoming successful too. So this probably means that the talent which you are born with is not all that you need but its just a part of the requirement of human job and career race.

When a rich man’s son gets his masters from the top 5 universities of the world, he soaks knowledge and skills from that high educational niche and over time transforms into a successful money making career person.

So before we teach our children that money is not important, alike our forefathers who kept on injecting the flavor such noble thought, we have to answer them how will we be providing the tuition fee required for their university education.

Since most top ranked institutes are in the developed nations it absorbs a huge number of students and their money from developing nations. This money flowing out of these nations are quite high. But students are not to be blamed, dreaming better education is everyone’s right and when their mother nation can’ provide it they should get it from wherever they can obtain.

Students of developing nations are badly hit because of the international fees structures of the big universities, which is generally 2-5 times higher than that for the domestic conversion. Because of weaker currency the battle of life to collect the money for developing nation students become more fierce.

Finally the question is, if this practice of expensive education sell a good or bad thing? Possibly good in the sense it allows the host country where these universities are located to gather a huge amount of money and also enrich themselves with the research and projects done by the students. Unfortunately, it has a downside too, it is gradually becoming a game for wealthy parents wards only, which don’t sound ethically right. Nevertheless, that’s how is our present day education business.

Is there any concrete solution of the gun violence problem of USA?

On June 12, 2016, a mass shooting terrorist attack and hate crime occurred inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. It resulted in 53 wounded and 50 dead, including the gunman, who was killed by Orlando police after a three-hour standoff. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history to date, as well the largest mass killing of LGBT people in the Western world since the Holocaust and the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks in 2001.


Recent Shooting in the US nightclub has shocked people all over the world. Such preventable deaths are quite frequently aired in the US news channels. Despite the efforts of the current president, no concrete solution could have been found and enacted in USA.

LGBT issue is widely discussed in the recent mass murder in USA. Interestingly, no one possibly can state definitively if sexual orientation was the problem that made the shooter make gun fires, since he is dead. But it probably doesn’t matter what issue provoked someone to shoot. People can have fear, discomfort, feeling of non acceptance etc. about various practices and cultures that are not okay with their beliefs, but that does not give the former the freedom to abuse, insult or murder the latter.

This author believes that there is no easy solution to the gun violence problem like a rule of thumb. The people of USA are blessed with the power of keeping guns by their legal system, which is not so in various other nations.

In developing nations (e.g. India) crime against women and children is too high. People have to suffer many a times defenselessly just because the fragile, corrupt, confusing and slow legal system can’t afford to protect them. If such liberty of guns were there in such third world nations at least the picture of various sort of humanitarian abuse could have been somewhat different. Guns are invaluable when it comes to self defense. I believe self defense is the birthright of every human being. However, guns in the name of self defense, should not breed the practice of usage of guns for assault purposes.

So, the simple solution is probably to declare guns as illegal. When guns are declared illegal the law enforcement authorities should stay vigil that people who are allowed to keep guns to protect public should not turn into perpetrators like what is prevalent in various developing countries. Also it is not acceptable in nations where rebels move around freely with guns and civilians live there life only with the mercy of god. Disarmament of such areas of the globe is equally important, since cost of life should be same, no matter which part of the globe it belongs to.

Not only this, people with unstable mental state, who can be a threat when having an easy access to a gun will not be able to cause a mass shooting incident if guns are not available smoothly like over the counter drugs.

Therefore, unavailability of tools of mass murder is probably the only way that can abolish these type of heinous crimes.

Hope, US government will bring in strong laws that will prevent people losing life because someone someday simply wanted to pull the trigger.

Courier boy job? Technology might snatch that too tomorrow?

Just came across a classified of a famous online shopping company which is planning to introduce drone like machines that can airlift a shipment and send it to its customer much faster than before, being able to avoid traffic jam. Not only that this type of service will make those households happy who don’t prefer unknown delivery boys visiting their apartment when they are out for office and only children are alone at home, because of various types of threats that humans might pose to another when alone at home.

However, I feel that there could be some negative sides of such services too.

The employment opportunity of those working as courier boys for this online shopping companies might lose their jobs. This might hit more badly in developing nations where, unemployment rates are still difficult to tackle. Many people with low educational profile earns their living by this kind of work.

Besides that one problem might be to have trouble in viewing the nature properly, for nature lovers. Already too much of cars and buildings on the ground don’t allow us to see far away distance any more, and our vision gets stumbled. Only way we could relax our eyes are through looking to the sky, probably this too would get clogged with this parcel carrying drones. Obviously once such services start many more companies will invest in it.

Also terrorists, thieves and smugglers might take an advantage of it, if these type of drones are not controlled by some sort air traffic control system. It will be easy to carry explosive or spying cameras or smuggled goods. You never know which drone is carrying cargo and which one is carrying something bad.

So pros and cons will be there and may be laws will be implemented by various countries to regulate such services.

It seems like science fiction movies concept of cars/drones flying over the cities will be true in near future.

Do you have someone to speak in your life?

DSC_0086In today’s busy life when humans are too busy with their daily lives, very less time become available to talk to somebody from the bottom of the heart. I mean a conversation that really sooths your days pain and gives you a feeling of wellbeing. Well someone can derive such by talking to his or her business clients but not everyone I suppose. Others will probably require a partner preferably (but not always) from out of their work environment.

Despite the outroar exhibited by many in their social networking profile to be in continuous communication with certain individuals, not necessarily they always will have a interim close relation to speak for hours happily.

Such warmth full lengthy gossips are not only limited to spouses but may extend to any individual who tunes up with the tune of our heart like parents, children, friend etc.

These are the gossips that happen without any structured frame of content or for any direct apparent gain. However, I strongly feel that such conversations are important in a man’s life to get relaxed in life and remain focused on work and to enjoy the spirit of life to the fullest.

All you need is your communicator a honest person with some patience to listen to you and reply back.