The electronic pedestrian crossing: sometimes boring

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The pedestrian crossings are ubiquitous across the globe, presumably, every country has it on their roads. However, it varies on how they operate based on the country’s income condition.

In low-income countries, a pedestrian crossing will not have an electronic signal system in most roads dedicated for foot-travellers to cross the road. Many times people have to solely rely on zebra crossings.

In contrast, developed nations like the US or Australia, have a signalling system for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road. The pedestrian presses a button on the road side for a signal to cross, apparently a friendly and safe mode to walk across roads.

But can these signals be annoying sometimes? In my opinion, yes.

Electronic pedestrian crossing signals are found in various road junctions. At places where there is a heavy vehicular load, this signal system is a boon. But when they are placed on road crossings where there is not much traffic load it becomes quite agonising for those who rely chiefly on walking or cycling as a mode to commute.

Such signals seem quite inappropriate to me and probably undermines the campaign made by most nations these days to encourage people to use fewer cars. If the waiting time is about a minute in multiple seemingly unnecessary electronically signalled pedestrian crossings the pleasure of walking or cycling dampens and becomes a bitter experience in hot summer days.

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It is probably the safest to wrap every pedestrian crossing with an electronic signal system as long as there is enough fund to do that. However, I feel some survey is needed to know if people are really following those signals. It is also important to know if people are liking to keep pressing the pedestrian crossing button frequently in road crossings which have very low traffic pressure?

I observed two shortcuts some people use. While some will cross notwithstanding the red light, others will just move some distance away from the signal and then cross. So if everyone is not using it a rethinking of the existing system is probably needed.

What can be done? Obviously, a planned survey of how pedestrian and cyclists perceive the issue will probably suggest an accurate answer.

In my opinion, instead of flooding the city with electronic road signals non-electronic pedestrian crossings signs (zebra crossing type) are more helpful at a road crossing with low traffic pressure.

Hope the respective authorities will start considering if they are overusing electronic pedestrian crossing signals and how people on the relatively empty crossings feel about it.


Drone bus

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Drones have become quite popular these days since its wide use in warfare and surveillance purposes. In recent time, people are talking of potential usage of drones for delivering courier or online shopping items. More and more innovative ideas are pouring in about the possible uses of drones.

However, have you ever wondered how will our traffic system be if someday drones are used to carry humans as a mode of commuting to work?

If drones are used for such a purpose developing nations, in particular, will probably benefit the most. Why? Let’s discuss it in terms of a city like Mumbai in India, where roads are clogged up with suffocating traffic. Unlike in developed nations, I rarely saw vehicles on the roads of developing nations to follow lanes as instructed by the road signals. Mostly, the entire road is packed with vehicles and sometimes motorbikers will take up the pavements to beat the traffic.

In such hefty traffic, I find the railways as the easiest way to travel. However, the railway doesn’t take you to specific destinations beyond the capacity of its track, and at some point, you have to face the traffic.

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Many megacities in developing nations are grossly unplanned and can’t support any additional infrastructure to relax its traffic load on the roads. The only option sometimes is the underground railway option which is known to be expensive and might have geological hurdles depending upon the terrain.

I would like to imagine here of big drones, perhaps like a bus, fitted with rotators at its four corners that can lift passengers from one destination and drop at the other. The pace with which the technology is improving these days I don’t think this is something impossible.

If such giant drones can be produced the congestion on roads might reduce dramatically. Also, services like police, fire and ambulance will probably reach their destinations faster.

However, we should think if individual vehicle-drones like cars and motorbikes similar to what we drive on the roads should be allowed or not as drone-vehicles. Based on the traffic congestion problem faced globally, if private vehicle-drones are allowed to be flown by individuals the same situation of traffic congestion might happen again in drone air-space. Moreover, eventually, just like roads, problems of the rash driving, drunk driving, and racing will pop up one by one and making an actual menace.

I presume the drone-vehicle crash accidents will be much more damaging to life and property than the road crash accidents. For instance, we might not feel safe even while sleeping in bed at a ten storey building due to the fear of a drone crash through our window something similar that can happen when someone is sleeping in the footpath.

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Also, how high drones will fly is another debate. They have to be careful of culverts, bridges, cranes etc. that might come in their flight path. Their attitude should again be not as much as airspace of flights to avoid collision with aeroplanes.

Probably new drone vehicle traffic rules, dedicated staff to control the traffic will be needed, and a new signalling system alike the air-traffic control will be needed to control the drone traffic.

Well, that was just a matter of my imagination, only time will show how things unfold in real life.

Paper and pencil writing

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When did you last write a full page using pen and paper? This must be a difficult question for most of us.

I recall the last time I did some writing, two years back when I appeared for an examination in a southeast Asian nation that still relies highly on traditional paper and pen-based writing.

There are some other international tests particularly language proficiency tests that continue using such non-electronic testing of writing skills. What do you think – should handwriting be made totally obsolete? I would vote for that although there are instances where handwriting may be the only option. For example, in disaster situations like accidents, many a time its much easier to start taking notes on a paper than on an electronic gadget. In emergencies, even when paper and pen are not available important information can be noted on any surface by tool sharp enough to cause a scratch to write.

However, for academic and formal writing and for the purpose of record keeping the electronic way of writing is probably the best. In my view, writing electronically is more useful for error-free writing particularly at the current time when multiple language proofing software is available. Artificial intelligence helping to write in the English language are improving at a fast pace. I find such software more helpful than seeking help from an academic to improve my writing or for proofreading.

I remember my childhood days when I would collect and buy expensive and good quality pens. Particularly branded pens used to be a style symbol in the coat pocket. Now, most of those pens are either in the trash or lost.

Nevertheless, the children of contemporary society are probably writing much less than there parents and ancestors. The only time they probably write seriously is for their academic needs of school or college. Otherwise, the rest of their communication needs are fulfilled by texting, and that too, in shorthand texting. With time as the curriculums of school education are changing, it is likely that in future handwriting task will decrease drastically in schools or may become totally obsolete. In the current era, there is probably very little need a child needs to know writing with paper and pen to have a successful career. Furthermore, the flavour of writing letters or the feeling of receiving one by post are long forgotten almost from every part of the globe.

As we progress with time, probably a century later, children might have to visit a museum to know how their ancestors use to write with a pen and paper.

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Why cesarean sections are rising in private practice in India?

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In recent time, particularly in private practice, the toll of cesarean sections are quite high in India. I tried to understand why cesarean sections are rising in India using some of my real-life experiences.

The first question is whom should we blame for this rising trend of C- sections in the private practice, the doctors or the patients. The answer might seem like to both, but I feel doctors.

Why? Coming later to the reasons first let me talk about how people think about c-sections.

Some people tell that the women today are becoming to softie unlike females in old days and want everything smoothly without undergoing the bit of the labour pain. But what is wrong if she wants to avoid the pain, it is something about her individual right to decide.

Others feel that a normal delivery might be risky, and many a time the spouse and rest of the family members endorse such view. As the recent trend is towards a small family size of 1 to 2 children per couple people often are boosted with the thought that a c-section will guarantee a good birth outcome for both the mother and the newborn.

Well, patients are free to think and decide how they perceive things. But, doctors should probably not simply nod their head with whatever patients want but aid them to make an informed choice. Unfortunately, I feel, many health care professionals reinforce the wrong patient perception to push them towards a c section.

The next question is why doctors in private practice incline more towards a c-section. Probably because it is an easy way of making money without any need for long hours of monitoring the progress of labour. Furthermore, c-section also possibly make things elective and that eliminates the need of being available 24×7.

What I witnessed is that many women who want a normal delivery and have no obstetric indication for an operative delivery are actually left without any choice. Although said easily that going to a state-run hospital is the solution, in real life that is not compatible to many because of many issues concerns us in such facilities like improper hygiene and cleanliness, unavailability of qualified staff round the clock, a risk of animals inside hospital like cats, missing babies and so on.

Lastly, what can be the solution to avoid unwanted c-sections?

Strong laws are obviously needed to compel private practitioners to follow the conduct of medical ethics.

Besides that the country should adopt better recruiting, training and licensing system for doctors. It may revise its policy to bring in actual talented and hardworking people in the health workforce irrespective to one’s social class.

Also, common man should be made aware of the wrongdoing of unnecessary cesarean sections so that they can demand a normal delivery when there isn’t any indication for a c section.

Furthermore, patients should be given the legal right to keep a record of all counselling they receive (both verbal and non-verbal) about the mode of child delivery as a piece of evidence.

P.S.: Views and opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own, not meant to hurt anyone in any form. If such has happened unknowingly, please understand it as a mere accident and not intentional.

After using Chromebook it feels like rest of the leading pc selling companies are doing a scam!

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I was a traditional windows user who finally shifted to chromebook, in search for some relief from some of its negative usage experiences like slowness in all respects, poor battery running hours and cost. Although in recent times a wide range of prices of windows pcs are seen but none of them felt satisfactory to me due to its overall protracted working time and less hours of battery provided energy. So I was almost determined not to let the another windows pc to enter my house again and was exploring the option for buying a mac.

I have seen mac and was quite overwhelmed with its sleek look and long battery life. We have almost 6 pcs at home all running on windows with no gross satisfaction. If all these money could have been saved probably we could have bought 2 mac laptops. So this time I was quite cautious about grabbing my next laptop. However, mac’s price always makes me feel to sob.

So thought of giving a try to chromebook. After reading its features and seeing its cheap price I thought to bet my pc buying luck for chromebooks too. Obviously I checked various features of google like docs, sheets etc and also had the long battery life back in my head. So finally I invested about 180 dollars and tried my pc luck with chromebooks.

After about almost a year of its use, I feel rest of the pcs that are sold is doing scam. If google can provide in such low price a superfast pc with excellent battery life, why others can’t do so. Chromebooks don’t need antivirus, google takes care of everything. What more a customer can want for. Its light weight and super fast nature with long battery hours have made it an ideal pc for me.  Hope chromebooks will inspire the pc world for a revolution low price, long battery life and superfast pcs.

PS: The above is of writing is based on the author’s own user experience, and not a promotional content.

Doctors who anaesthetise are like airline pilots

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Doctors who put people into sleep or anaesthesia during surgery are referred to as anaesthetists.

The anaesthetists anaesthetize people by various methods like giving anaesthetic gases to inhale or by giving some anaesthetic drug through the veins.

In my opinion, the way how the anaesthetists’ work closely resembles that of airline pilots, although they work in a completely different working environment.

Before anaesthetizing a patient the anaesthesia doctor will start with checking all the necessary equipment needed for the surgery. Similarly, pilots check aircraft equipment before takeoff.

Before take-off, a pilot will acquire information necessary for a safe flight like the anticipated weather conditions the aircraft might face in the sky. In the same way, the anaesthesia doctor will try to know beforehand all the information that might be needed to get through the surgery smoothly. For instance, the anaesthetist might be interested in enquiring the details of the operation type, the anticipated duration of surgery, the medications the patient is on etc.

Then, once the aeroplane is in the air the autopilot of modern aircraft takes care of most things for a frictionless flight. Likewise, once the surgery begins automated procedure takes control of several physiological parameters like blood pressure, heart rate etc.

Finally, the aeroplane must land. It is said to be one of the most difficult parts of the flight that need a lot of precision and expertise. In the same way, once the surgery is about to end the anaesthetist will give medications to bring the patient back to the consious and awake state.

Anaesthesia doctors are a real boon for human life since they serve as an armour of the surgeon to take care of their patients on the operating table. Many times patients credit only the surgeons for their recovery and are not aware of the role of the anaesthetist who plays a role in life and death decision.

Is it bad to have thoughts racing in our mind?

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‘Racing of thoughts’ is a typical phrase used by medical professionals like doctors especially those dealing with the mental health problems of people. It means that a lot of thoughts of various types are coming to and from in the brain very rapidly. The question is if it’s abnormal to have such thought race inside our brain.

The answer according to this author is ‘no’ unless the high speed flow of thoughts are disturbing our daily working life and social life miserably. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to be abnormal.

Here are 2 excerpts  from the web  to know it better-

Racing thoughts refers to the rapid thought patterns that often occur in manic, hypomanic, or mixed episodes. While racing thoughts are most commonly described in people with bipolar disorder and sleep apnea, they are also common with anxiety disorders, OCD, and other psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Source: Racing thoughts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The phenomenon called racing thoughts is distinct from “hearing voices,” which is a symptom of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, severe mania or other psychotic disorders. Racing thoughts can be a symptom of mania or hypomania, but unlike some other symptoms of these moods, they can also occur with depression or an anxiety disorder. Sometimes racing thoughts are accompanied by a pounding heart or pounding pulses, including drumming in the ears.

Source: What Are Racing Thoughts ? – Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Various individuals may get various types of thoughts rushing in their brains depending upon their profession, social life, thought preferences etc. For example, a receptionist of a hotel who is on his way to his workplace may be preoccupied with thoughts of guests whom he is expecting to meet on reaching his office or the food he is going to have in the dinner or may be the gift which he should present to his girlfriend and so on. It is very hard to predict the spectrum of ideas that can run in a individual’s brain at one time.

I feel that racing of thoughts occur more at times when we are going through some type of stress or when there is no work to do with the active use of mind.

During morning hours while I am waiting at a traffic signal anxiously for the signal light to turn green, variety of thoughts start flowing in my brain like a storm and I try to pick some of those to sketch my posts, alike the one you are reading now.

Most authors in this world , I suppose, get various unique thoughts blooming in their brain at certain times of their life or day and they pluck some of those to write their story or article.

Therefore, it may be not always bad to have racing of thought inside our mind. Maybe it’s the dawn of an author’s next best writing!

What is love? Chemistry or biology?

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It is not uncommon to find people referring to love and sex as a ‘CHEMISTRY’ that plays between a couple, which finally leads to the emotional and physical bondage between them. But have you ever wondered if the word ‘CHEMISTRY’ is a misnomer with respect to love and sex?

When we talk about pure chemistry, technically it means either organic or inorganic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry primarily deals with various raw materials like iron, arsenic, cobalt etc. It’s less likely that inorganic chemistry has any major relation with love, maybe organic chemistry might have some relations. Every sex-related hormone has some sort of chemical structure, which has chemical bonds. So in this way, we may relate love and sex with a branch of ‘CHEMISTRY’ called ‘organic chemistry’.

However, biology also seems to be important for love and sex. Sensations perceived via various sensory pathways (like visual, auditory, tactile (i.e. touch), olfactory (i.e. smell) etc.) are probably the first few sparks that are required to ignite the engine of love and passion in our brain which finally gears up the reproductive (genital) organs to complete the purpose of mating.

For the process of lovemaking, two hormones known as testosterone and oestrogen have very important roles. Estrogen gives females their lady contour by throwing more fat to specific sites of their body to squeeze out man’s passion. Similar is testosterone, takes care of the masculine features of a male which makes women wild.

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For rotating the wheel of love effectively the role of our nervous system can’t be undermined. Our nervous system can actually drive you crazy during the act of orgasm. Male depend solely on this system from erection to ejaculation.

Hypothalamus of our brain has a structure called septal nucleus which is responsible for our sexual urges. Besides that, we have a system in our brain called ‘limbic system’ which is too responsible for the sexual act.

One part of the brain, the Limbic System deals with and regulates emotions, memory, and sexual arousal. When it is not working properly, you will have feelings of depression and lethargy.

Therefore, it does not seem to be totally correct to define love and sex as the chemistry between two individuals, rather it’s more of raw hardcore BIOLOGY amalgamated with organic chemistry.

Before concluding I would love to leave this job into the reader’s hand to decide if love and sex is chemistry or biology. Whichever it may be, it should probably give us the eternal feeling of liveliness.

What is ‘google keep’?

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Taking notes on a windows pc is really a troublesome job. Opening a notepad or Microsoft word or onenote is not always convenient for bit lazy people like me, who rather prefer a direct note taking and keeping type application on the desktop.

The sticky notes of windows are nice, but have few drawbacks I think, like we can’t add a image to it, nor can we set a reminder to the note. When you have too many of them on your desktop, it’s a real mess to find the specific note you are looking for, scrolling through every note to find the desired one is cumbersome. I hunted a lot for a good friendly note taking device, and finally I think I found one, hence sharing here. This one is called ‘Google keep‘, a product by Google.

This product will definitely change your note taking and keeping experience in a windows pc. It’s probably going to work in non-windows pcs too, but I have no experience about it.

Benefits of  ‘Google keep’ which this author found are as the following-

  1. all notes which you will take will be directly from your desktop, no need to open any browser or application
  2. you can add reminders and works like calendars and tasks, and that too directly from your desktop; reminders also allow you to add locations
  3. it allows you to add pictures to your notes, good for students I feel
  4. accessible from other devices since they sync to your google drive
  5. you can add specific colors available in a tray to certain notes, if you wish
  6. you can either delete a note or keep to archives for future reference
  7. the notes can be read in full screen mode by maximizing its size (appears like google plus posts)
  8. finally the best thing, as for most products of google this note keeping device is search enables, which allows you to search your specific note

Demerit the author found:

1. if you save picture files like .png or .jpg etc. and if you don’t keep a copy of it anywhere else in the pc, it might be difficult to retrieve it since downloading once uploaded photos is difficult with google keep. It’s much easier to upload and download photo files in google drive rather.

2. For tasks you set with reminder, the reminder is probably not much reliable as the google calender. It don’t have good reminding alert system.

3. if you are using in on a pc, sometimes offline functioning is not satisfactory, it may not load all files you have kept on google keep.

However, its not necessary that you too will find this demerits, because google might have improved such glitches or may be the problems the author found with this product is not a generalized problem for all.

Here is how you can get it:

  1. You can get it directly from this link:
  2. To use it from your desktop- you need to download a desktop application called ‘Chrome App Launcher’ – you can get this from chrome webstore (available at google chrome browser)

Hope our long waited note taking problem will eliminate by the introduction of this new application ‘Google keep’.

Finally, lets thank  Google for bringing up such a good tool.

A hidden cause of traffic jam in Mumbai

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If you are an inhabitant of the famous Indian city, Mumbai, you might have experienced the problem of getting stuck in traffic while traveling on the roads. Have you ever tried to explore the possible causes of it.

This author understands that excessive number of vehicles that are parked along the roadsides is one of the important causes of slow traffic in various parts of Mumbai .

Cars and scooters are found stranded all along the roadsides of various roads. Sometimes I doubt are these vehicles legally allowed to be kept alongside the roads or are the people who are responsible to take action against it are reluctant.

Hope the people with legal authority to deal with this issue will someday scan these roads for these huge number of parked vehicles and take some action to decompress the suffocating traffic 🚥 jam, at least to some extent .

How is on board flight meals in the Indian sky?

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In the last few years, the Indian sky has been occupied by an increasing number of flights, since a lot of companies took interest in the business in the airline industry of this highly populated nation.

Onboard meals have been an interesting and attractive thing for many passengers who flew in flights ran by the airline services that the country’s government run. Sadly most commercial flights to the best of these author’s knowledge don’t provide free meals on board.

The airline companies are probably not in a mood to give free complementary meal services at the current time but they might change their views if few more airlines come up with free complementary on board meals, to thrive the competition.

In India, once the scenario was like only rich man traveled by air, but today air travel is no more a luxury, it’s a necessity to save time. Since the price of flights has dropped significantly in the recent time many people who still burgeon to buy a kilo of potato or who spent each peny from pocket cautiously are choosing to fly.

The price in which the food is offered on board or in the airports are probably not matching the pockets of middle class Indians. I remember two samosas being sold in 90 rupees at an Indian airport.

Onboard where complementary meals are not provided many passengers don’t buy any food except drinking the water, provided free by most airlines till today.

This author believes a complimentary meal makes an air journey enjoying and fun and airline companies should try to think about it positively. While getting a flight ticket this author prefers a flight company that provides complimentary meals than an airline company which is not providing it at the same price. That’s why this author likes Jet Airlines. Passengers love complementary onboard meals, survey it if you doubt!