Space and health!

Did you ever plan a tour to the Everest or the Niagara,  probably yes but how many of us dreamed of a space tour except those millionairess. Recent efforts of commercialization of space travel by certain companies might decrease the travel cost although not sure if we can get tickets in the price of transatlantic  flight fares. Astronauts are said to get various health problems during their travel and those are expected in tourists too. Also there are certain health issues to be checked before a space travel so a visit to a doctors office before such tours might become mandatory. Space related health issues might add up to the trainee doctors learning list, like now they need to know about health check before travelling to nations with high malaria or dengue rates. Those days arent going to be far when people will say today I am going for my space health check.

Health professionals might have some more role too, if some one gets a health emergency like a heart attack during space travel how to manage such cases. Two things might be the possibilities either carrying a doctor in each tour or training astronauts/ pilots with basics of medical care and then doctors guiding them from earth through new branches of medicine like telemedicine (although have no idea how effective is telemedicine in real life). If a doctor flies with tourists he/she will face hurdles of doing treatment in zero gravity. And obviously if  a doctor flies he/she might need nursing staff to  help who will also need to travel. More issues might be there like the treatment procedures that work in earth will that effectively work in space too. Finally, already there are shortage of doctors in most nations in rural areas so how will the supply to space be made if necessity arise.

What amazes me is what we use to see in fiction stories/movies are becoming reality these days. Some day we might have hospitals, prisons, markets, movie theaters etc in space. May be some day big giant powerful nations will start a war to mark their area in space (alike their childish activities on earth), will probably serve the purpose of beginning world war three.
Have Space Suit—Will Travel