DHA may help prevent premature births

How many of us have heard of DHA i.e. Docosahexaenoic acid (tough to pronounce), not many I guess except those from various fields of biology. DHA is (an omega 3 fatty acid) found in human brain, skin, sperm etc.

Recent studies hint that DHA can prevent premature births if mother consumed it during her pregnancy. Preterm births occur significantly earlier than the expected date of delivery and can cause death of newborns. So DHA might help preventing these deaths.

Few TV commercials sell some health drink for children claiming to help sprout their brain development (not sure how helpful are those, but they taste good). This new findings about DHA and premature birth will probably encourage such companies to bring alike products for pregnant women too.

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DHA Molecule
DHA Molecule

Note: if you are planning DHA for your pregnancy please be guided by your health care provider.

You may share your opinions below in the comments section. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Please cross check information from other sources too. Reference:- http://www.theoaklandpress.com/articles/2013/03/14/news/doc51417a7114a34823266935.txt


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