Phoning and texting during driving

In this advanced era of mobile phones and other internet enabled devices we can hardly find a person not busy talking on a mobile phone or messaging in the road. But if we are the driver of the vehicle and using such devices while driving, probably we are risking our and others life too.

A recent study done on college students found that, while we talk on phone or text messages during driving, it’s almost equally dangerous like driving after drinking significant amount (above legal levels) of alcohol. Recently, almost everywhere around the globe the ease of mobile technology has reached, and it’s not uncommon to see the drivers plugged with headphones in their ears and talking during driving or sometimes driving in one hand and holding mobile set with the other hand. Not that we don’t know about the dangers of multitasking during driving, but when confronted we probably try to show of a little bit of over-confidence of our multitasking abilities. Now it’s not our grandpa shouting at us to not to drive and use mobile phones, its scientific research hinting about the seriousness of such habits.

An LG VX8300 mobile phone

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