Height doesn’t matter!

Do you think height matters in real life? The answer probably depends upon what type of people are we surrounded by, at our workplace or at home. A short height becomes a significant cause of distress especially in school going kids since their peers always can’t understand the spectrum of normalcy. Short height can be a normal phenomenon depending on his/her family members height pattern. Many parents seem over-concerned due to their child’s short height and try various type of products that claim to increase height and of worth mentioning are bunch of herbal products which probably top their list. But in recent days experts has something different to say, probably nothing more needed to be done if a kid is short height unless there are any significant medical cause of short height (LINK).

Although I was mentioning above about school children who might not understand what is normal, actually there are many adults (college going, office going etc.) who too haven’t yet grown up by mind in comparison to their age since they also sometimes participate in the game of humiliating a short height person. The story stays same towards obese people also.

Partly the glamour world may be blamed, they mostly focus in their ramp shows with all tall guys, why can’t a fashion show include short height individuals too. The short height individuals have no hand in their height scale, it’s god’s foreplay with some humans. Therefore being a good human is probably more important than getting a good height, height is not a talent it’s simply a reflection of your gene/ethnicity.

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