HIV threat at Dentist’s office

Are you ever scared of visiting a dentist’s office, no not talking about those dental procedures of scaling, filling, hammering or extraction rather pointing towards the serious type of hygiene or infection fear while sitting in a dental chair. If you never thought of this issue I urge you to think now, so that next time you visit your dentist’s office you can assure your safety.

Let me start with my story first. I am visiting dentist’s office for more than a decade, have had serious orthodontic issues. During my childhood days obviously no fear of dental chair ever existed except the painful treatment part of tightening those wires and braces in side my oral cavity. With time as my knowledge encyclopedia enlarged and also because of being an individual of the health field I started becoming more concerned of hygiene issues in dentist’s office.  The thought always haunted me is if there are any risks of getting a HIV or hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection through dentist’s office, mostly people don’t tend to think of these issues while visiting a dentist’s office since what tops in our brain list for these infections are sex and intravenous drug abuse. But the truth is we can get this blood borne infections through any surgical process where blood is manipulated with and dental procedures aren’t any exception.

I personally feel many dentists don’t take these issues seriously (not applicable to everyone in the profession) and found the following- many a times they use the same instrument on different patient just wiping with cotton instead of sterilizing and also they don’t appear serious about following sterilization guidelines and sanitation procedures and simply leave on their assistants (whose qualification and training are doubtful).

Recently at Oklahoma a dentist’s office was under scrutiny of medical investigators and thousands of patients urged to go through HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing since a person reported contamination.

We common man too have a problem in dentist’s office, not always we can ask them if they are following standard procedures of sterilization etc., many feels bit shy to confront their doctor who will treat them (includes me too, overtly social). But now it’s time to ask gently but firmly about the safety procedure they are following in their office, for our own sake. Just letting the ball in the professional’s court is not probably adequate we need to keep our eyes open too.

Medieval dentist removing tooth

Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider.Reference: (Link)