Digital human body!

Here is a good food for thought. Lets imagine what will happen if human civilization gets abolished due to a holocaust and thousand year later archaeology department (if such department or humans exist at that time at all) finds the remains of today. Quite alike the geniuses present today who dig their minds too find what were the ancient stories of mummies in Egypt the future archaeologists too might try figuring something same about us. Didn’t get the hint what am I talking about, well talking about digital human bodies!

We already know about various digital implants which are available these days, one such popular is probably a pacemaker, a digital gadget to pace our heart. For the sake of imagination let’s think that a person implanted with a pacemaker also is morbidly obese and has asthma too. Now in this digital era this person might be fitted with two microchips one for treatment of obesity and one for asthma. Scientists recently made a microchip, if implanted to the vagus nerve (responsible for sensations of hunger) will send signals to brain to decrease our appetite therefore decreasing the eating impulse, hence reducing body weight. One of the currently available  important weight loss procedure is called gastric bypass surgery in which vagus nerve is cut by surgeons; once those microchips get introduced the need of these cumbersome operations might evaporate.

Researchers have similar plans for asthma management too, they are planning to introduce similar microchip in the nerve tree related to expansion of our windpipe (respiratory) muscles and during an asthma attack that microchip will help release adrenaline to dilate the airway muscles.

So coming back to the person with pace maker we imagined before, when his/her body will be found thousand years later, the generation then might spend days, months or years scratching head or plucking hairs, what are these electronic devices scattered in the cadaver, in the meantime more such implantable devices might get invented for various diseases and our bodies might become a showroom of electronic gadgets. Even a day might come when cadavers will not be sold to medical schools for anatomy dissection rather to  technology world for more money and demand; because the person dies but not the digital gadgets implanted in his/her body, so take them out and reprogram on a laptop and they are ready to use in another human, something alike reuse of computer parts or car parts. If you buy an old car it will be bit cheap than a new car, same rule might apply for such implantable human devices, choose based on your economic capacity, new microchip verses an used old one. The devices I mentioned above to decrease appetite and to comfort asthma aren’t available in market yet, still in labs and brains of researchers (LINK).

Whatsoever, fun apart, if such devices give us a good quality of life, probably nothing more is important. Let good technology pour in to ease our sufferings!

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