A purpose in life can keep a stroke away

Man’s attitude toward life is now showing link with fatal health problems like stroke in this instance. Although common sense feeling of many people is that a good positive optimistic mind-set might be a healthy lifestyle, now science too casting votes to support that.

Studies have shown that person’s with optimism in life are less likely to get a stroke. Generally people are prone to illness more after their retirement if there is no task goal in brain to achieve and finally they land with depression like problems. It might be a wise idea to find out certain goals to achieve after retirement age, like volunteering, teaching your grandchild etc.

What sounds funny to me is while we have our working period many of us just think when will I retire and get some relief, now again if we are too idle after retirement that might not be healthy either. Although said easily it’s not so easy to get jobs for everyone after retirement, already the youth unemployment is so high.

The theme appears to be, we need to inform our brains that we are a holding happy positive attitude towards life so even a job isn’t there, you may look around and see where can you get involved to keep yourself busy; maybe you can do some good gardening, which is an excellent time-utilizing satisfactory job.

To pin a scrap of science with this, our body steroids (cortisol) are said to have some bad connection with stroke and cortisol levels are high when we are stressed so if we can have a good mood this steroids aren’t going to get secreted, pouring some positives in our bucket.

Finally smell the air, love the world, be optimistic in life and keep sharing your smile to make your neighbor smile!


Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference: LINK