Dancing and Alzheimers disease

Do you love dancing? No you don’t need to be a dancer to dance you might dance casually alone in front of a mirror or in a party or maybe at some other interesting place. Dancing to any level you dance casual to professional probably you are getting few bonus points in life than those who don’t dance. Dancing not only gives you a good exercise benefit for your heart it might also protect you from dementia (i.e. loss of memory) in future life.

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A very common type of dementia that occur in humans is Alzheimer’s disease, a disease with no cure till date.Alzheimer’s disease, the name came from a psychiatrist and neuropathologist named Alois Alzheimer from Germany who first described the disease.

Once the disease starts the person initially loses his recent memory and gradually with time past memory is lost too and the person becomes dependent on other individuals for almost all of their daily activities and finally lead to death. Death occurs not because of the disease itself but as a result of inability to carry out their own activities like they might develop pressure sores on pressure areas because of immobility for long duration, can progress to infection and kill the person or even pneumonia can also claim the life.

Alzheimer’s disease also one of the those diseases that increase a lot of economic burden to the suffering individuals and their family. If there is a positive family history a person might be concerned of his or her chances of getting the disease.

Although you might not be able to protect yourself from the disease totally but certain things can be done to try preventing them. Here comes the role of dancing which is believed to help prevent the disease, no matter what type of dance rock and roll or hip-hop or salsa or any other type. That’s truly a bonus; so dancing for whatever purpose- career or fun, gives protection to your heart health and brain health.

Most of the steps we know to help preventing heart problems seems to be beneficial for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease too; like regular walking or exercising or consuming fish rich in good fatty acids. The concept is somewhat like this- all such exercising activities help increase the blood flow to the brain keeping our brain healthy. Lot of mental activity like solving a crossword puzzle or higher education might also help protect from Alzheimer’s disease.

In this disease a protein beta amyloid is found in the brain. Recently curcumin plant showed to decrease the accumulation of the protein beta amyloid plaque in brain of mouse although their effectiveness in humans are yet to be proved. Turmeric is made from Curcumin.

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