Mercury and diabetes

Mercury may raise diabetes risk

The list of what are the things that may be associated with developing type 2 diabetes mellitus now no more limited to family history or high calorie diet or sedentary lifestyle, now extends to exposure to mercury. Mercury is a heavy metal atomic number 80 and its the only heavy metal found in liquid state.

You may wonder how can you get exposed to mercury especially if your occupation don’t need any dealing with mercury, unknowingly you might be consuming high amount of mercury through eating certain sea fishes in large amount. Sea fishes are said to be good for heart since they contain some good fatty acids (omega 3) but certain sea fishes like swordfish and shark are examples of high mercury containing fishes whereas salmon and catfish have the element in less amount. So young people who are consuming lot of sea fish for a healthy heart might consider rethinking about the quantity and type of fish to consume.

English: Mercury metal in an ampoule

Mercury metal

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