Reading a felon’s mind

Can machine’s predict what is in a felon’s minds? Of course they can do so in movies and stories but probably not in real life. In real life till date we can’t predict accurately if a felon is going to re-participate in criminal activities. According to a recent research finding using fMRI (a type of MRI scan that studies brain activity by monitoring brain blood flow) we might now be able to predict if a convict is going to redo the criminal activities.

The felon’s with higher chance of repeating crime and getting arrested again showed lesser activity in brain regions related to decision-making and action. To achieve this findings fMRI scans were done on prisoner while they were subjected to some computer based tasks involving quick decision making and avoiding doing certain impulsive activities.

If you read the post  ‘Felt pain? Now you can view it too!‘ this is just a small addition to it. We talked there about what are fMRI’s are and how can they be used to visualize pain activity in brain. It appears fMRI’s are going to play important role in choosing which felons are to be followed in future to track down before they commit crime.

Overall it sounds like criminal mindedness can be revealed easily and police can do job more easily by focusing on the population more likely to do crime. But probably these are not tests what we can call reading machines of the mind of a man/woman.

However, human brain is not like a computer which run following the path of a software program, so how hard may a machine may try predicting what the person is going to do the machine can always fail since, human’s can decide new options, computers can’t. Forget about humans, even the best animal trainers fail to understand the animal’s nature and behavior (with whom they spend their whole life) and sometimes become the victim of the animal. Probably if such complete human brain reading devices are available apart from its benefits it may bring back the dark days of slave and master relation.

Science Days: The Brain

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