Grilled meat and fish might cause cancer

Are you ever worried of getting any health hazard while consuming grilled fish or meat, probably not and we might not like someone bothering us while consuming these yummy recipes. Well let me share a piece of information about these grilled food products and necessarily try bothering you for some betterment of our lives.

Grilling food is nothing but applying excessive dry heat to cook food and the direct benefit is it doesn’t require the oil to fry and might help avoiding cholesterol levels piling up in our body and protect the heart.

But that’s not all about the story, here is the bitter end of it- researchers found that when meat or fish products are exposed to high temperature dry heat certain chemical are generated called heterocyclic amines (HCAs). Researchers fed rodents certain HCA containing food products and found that the rodents developed cancer. So we can call HCA carcinogenic (i.e. a chemical which can cause cancer).

So next time before consuming too much of grilled food you might consider it’s carcinogenic potential too.

Microwave ovens might be a better alternative to cook than dry heating food.

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