Eating speed and body weight

Are you ever concerned about your eating speed? Yes talking of eating speed today a habit that might be unknowingly lessening the benefits of all your weight losing efforts. If you grew up in families where grandparent are part of your life you might have encountered such events when your grandparent asking you not to eat fast since you might choke. Well apart from choking risk fast eating habits can add additional pounds to your body weight.

How? Let look first into what is normal to know how abnormal things affect us. Normally our stomach send signals to brain when we are fed enough to decrease the hungry feeling giving the feeling of satiety (i.e. feeling of fed, opposite of hunger). When we eat fast lot of food gets dumped (more than the requirement) in our stomach before the stomach can make sense that it’s full now so it takes more time to attain fulfillment of satiety and by virtue we eat more and add lot of extra pounds to our weight scale.

Whereas if eat slowly the stomach gets time to inform the brain that you are full now and stop the hunger signal in time and contribute maintaining appropriate body weight. That was the simplest explanation I could frame. Nevertheless if you are worried that you are one those busy individuals who really don’t have time to seat and eat with time here is a small piece of suggestion which may be of worth- try keeping some low fat healthy food with you always and eat in small chunks, multiple times.

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