If you are new to the term prediabetes let me try dissecting the term for you. As of english literature the ‘pre’ prefix means ‘before’ hence pre-diabetes is also a scenario before getting the actual diabetes. Well here we are primarily talking about type 2 diabetes which generally occur in association with family history, sedentary lifestyle  obesity etc. 

Our normal blood sugar is between 70-99 mg/dL. Prediabetes is  a condition in which our blood glucose levels are above normal range but not in diabetic rage yet. Fasting blood sugar higher than 126 mg/dL is diabetic range although a single such reading is not enough to make a diagnosis of diabetes and multiple readings might be required. These days another good way is through measurement of HbA1C (also called glycosylated hemoglobin- a type of blood test) which if above the normal value is usually diagnostic of a diabetes. Prediabetes mostly lead to a full-blown diabetes (type 2) so it’s wise to be cautious  about health.

Since lifestyle is very important in type 2 diabetes its preferable to have active lifestyle with healthy eating habits like eating enough vegetables, low fat and low sugar food. Regular exercise is also important. Since diabetes type 2 can present with high cholesterol and high blood pressure checking those levels and having a good lifestyle via exercise and dietary modification might be wise (along with a consultation of a health care provider).

If you have family history of diabetes you are probably prone to have prediabetes. Other conditions that can increase your susceptibility to get a prediabetes are – gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), obesity, polycystic ovarian cysts (a ovary disease of females), bad lipid report card (that is if LDL is high and/or HDL low) etc. So get into action now, talk to you your doctor and decide the best for your health.


  1. Having Prediabetes increases the chance of getting Diabetes.
  2. Family history of diabetes etc are important determinants of getting prediabetes.
  3. Checking blood pressure and lipid levels in blood regularly are important.
  4. Good healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and low fat and sugar is wise (lessening or stopping smoking and drinking of soft and hard drinks might be sought of).
  5. Regular exercise and active life counts to a good health.
  6. Consulting doctor earliest is probably the most important step.
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Insulin released from the Pancreas lowers blood sugar levels.

Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. References:link