Skipping breakfast and diabetes

People’s thought about diabetes (type 2) are generally negatively oriented specially when it comes about eating food, a fear always bubbles that eating more food will increase the risk of diabetes. Well that’s partly true, depending on various facts like what type of food we are talking about or the quantity of food etc. and hence some individual skip their meals to keep blood sugar levels in control and mostly breakfast meals are skipped.

Recently a small update came that skipping breakfast is not a wise idea since it can increase risk of diabetes.  So better to have a regular healthy breakfast. Possible explanation why skipping breakfast is not a healthy practice is somewhat like the following (as understood by this author): if we take a breakfast our insulin production process starts from the early morning and by the time we will be having our lunch, some insulin is already there in blood standby by virtue of the morning meal (it’s a bonus since during our lunch some insulin is secreted normally).  Whereas, if we skip our breakfast the first insulin release will occur during lunch and it will probably not be sufficient to use up or burn the glucose level rise after lunch and those on insulin might require more of it to keep the glucose level in control.

Therefore a small dietary practice change may help us battle with diabetes better. Talk with your doctor to know what will be appropriate for your health.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

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