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Which is a perfect place for a pregnant woman, polluted urban areas or clean pollution free rural/urban areas? Common sense, probably pollution free places are good. Why breaking this topic today, it is not unknown to anybody that pollution if bad for human health. Well a new association has been found between pollution and autism. Studies show that spending the pregnancy months in smoggy polluted areas can be linked with autism of the newborn (although the risk seems to be low). So planning a vacation during pregnancy months away from major polluted cities may be wise, although might not be possible  always.

English: Smokestacks from a wartime production...

For other autism related posts please try this link: autismPlease cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference:


2 thoughts on “Autism and Pregnancy site”

    1. Hi Ann,
      Welcome to Health & Happiness! blog.
      Yes pollution probably have links with a huge list of diseases these days, primarily with cancers. Since the diversity of types of pollutants are increasing, the number of diseases associated to those are too rising. Now a days we hear a lot about pesticides use which are also a type of pollutant of our crops and all over the world willingly or unwillingly we are exposed to these pollutants.
      Anyway, thanks Ann!


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