Breast cancer prevention: fish role

We should be always thankful to the oily fishes like salmon, sardines or tuna because of their contribution towards multiple health benefits to humans. Man already found their importance since these fishes provide certain good fats (sometimes called PUFA) to battle stroke and heart problems. Now a small but significant new benefit of these oily fishes unfolded, they can provide women protection from breast cancer too.

Although fishes are proving themselves as angels to our lives, meat products are continuously losing their position with respect to human health benefits. Meats (red meat mainly) are accused as risk factor hypertension, obesity, heart problems, breast cancer etc. Therefore man should now think of saving the home of these fishes so that further pollution of the river and sea waters can be prevented to preserve the habitat of these aquatics. Protecting their ecosystem can let them live in huge numbers and every man can get access to these creatures with in a reasonable price to get some protection from heart problems or stroke or breast cancer.

Tuna steak served in a French bistro
Tuna steak served in a French bistro
Please cross check information from other sources too. 
For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. 
References- LINK

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