Irregular bedtime impact on kids

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Interestingly, when their child should go to bed is neglected by many parents. Less are truly concerned about it. These days children are generally overburdened with their home task and other performance pressures and have to study or work till late night. On top of that video games are too favorite now a days and some of kids spend a lot of their sleep time in that. Therefore, the normal sleep rhythm gets hampered. Kids now don’t tend to have a particular time to go to sleep. About 2 or 3 decades before, it was rather a common practice in families to send kids to bed by a specific time, like 10 pm was sleeping time for many. However, most parents probably can’t manage it any more.

Studies show that going to bed at irregular times reduce the brainpower of children. This is probably due to the fact that irregular bedtime disturbs the the normal sleep wake cycle and may lead to sleep deprivation problem. Reading, maths and other certain brain performances are likely to decrease in this children. So, maybe it’s wise to spend time on learning normal kid biology than spending money for buying brain tonics from market to improve your wards mental capacities.

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