Low blood glucose levels in diabetes affect the heart

Today’s talk about diabetes is really interesting. Are you ever worried of serious hypoglycemia (i.e. low blood sugar level) that occur in diabetes patients. Diabetes affected individuals are generally prone to severe hypoglycemia when they are on some glucose lowering medicine like insulin. Severe hypoglycaemia itself is a life threatening emergency but the consequences of such hypoglycaemia may be long term too. According to a new finding, if the glucose levels drop too much it may increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, a correct dosing is required so that frequent episodes of hypoglycaemia don’t happen oftenly. Simultaneously, patients may also not change their medicine dosage without their doctors advice.

Testing the blood glucose level yourself Neder...

Testing the blood glucose level yourself Nederlands: Het zelf meten van de bloedglucosespiegel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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