Why do our foot stink?

In hot and humid days you might have noticed that your feet smelling awfully and may make your presence cumbersome with other people because people tend to look for the origin of that stinky smell. Well, whom to blame? It’s the bacteria that feed on your skin which produce this bad smell. The bacterias eat up the dead cells of your foot and leave a acidic substance which produces the foul smell. The name of the bacteria is Micrococcus sedentarius.

Next question is, how can you get rid of this smell. Although, achieving a complete freedom may not be possible but few steps can decrease it significantly. Washing foot regularly is important. Besides that you may wear cotton socks so that your feet stay dry and try avoiding the use of same socks or shoe everyday. For more insight in this issue you may talk to your skin doctor, who are generally expert in dealing with such problems.

English: Micrococcus luteus bacteria Gram stain

Micrococcus luteus bacteria

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