Fish role in rheumatoid arthritis prevention

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Salmon Teriyaki – Sushi Tengu

If we are asked, which species on earth is the best friend of humans, probably we all will say dog, however, some may bet on cats, pigs and other pets. Although dog provides us some emotional/mental health benefit and help us with few of our daily life jobs they directly can’t protect you from heart attack or stroke. Same for pigs, eating a lot of their yummy flesh can shoot your lipids high up and risk your life. But in this regard there is one particular species which serves humans probably the most, though most don’t seem to understand it. Yes, we are talking about the poor sea fishes. These fishes are today suffocated by human sea activities like oil spillage in the sea, over-hunting of fishes and lots.

Those who regularly read health websites, journals may be aware of the potency of the fatty sea fishes in providing good fatty acids which are protective to human heart. To surprise you further let me share with you a new fact that came in front of us through a large study, that these fatty sea fishes can decrease our chances of developing a rheumatoid arthritis. It’s the same omega 3 fatty acid which is known to have some protective role in battling heart attack and stroke can lessen the chance of developing a rheumatoid arthritis. Yet, if you are genetically susceptible from the latter you may not be benefited since your gene is betraying you here. The protection against this specific type of arthritis may be by virtue of certain anti-inflammatory property of this fatty acid. So, if you are planning to add a non-vegetarian dish to your meal, you may choose fish like salmon or mackerel instead of meat products.

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