Coffee Enemas Can Be Harmful

coffee enema

Who don’t like a steaming cup of coffee in the morning? Almost everyone probably. But can you imagine getting an enema of coffee (i.e. taking coffee per rectally). Some people from various parts of the world practice taking coffee enema for years since they believe it to be beneficial to their health. Till date no one is dead sure about benefits of coffee enema if any. Although, in certain disciplines of alternative medicine coffee enema taking practice is talked about, specially to relieve constipation.

Although we don’t have enough info about its benefits but certain harmful effects are reported from different corners of the globe. One importantly is getting burn injury to rectum due to the use of very hot coffee. When we drink hot coffee, we can appreciate or anticipate its temperature as soon as the first sip of coffee kisses our lips or tongue, but that is not possible while taking coffee per rectally since a tongue type device is absent there (as per nature’s creation of humans). Therefore a severe burn can happen if it’s too hot and as a consequence a stricture (i.e. the rectal walls might get adhered to each other and cause narrowing of the lumen) and perforation of the rectum can happen too. Even reports of developing an acute colitis because of coffee enema are also reported in medical literature.

Henceforth, a prior consultation with your healthcare provider to learn about pros and cons of such enema may be the best wise step.

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