Does stress lowers the immunity?

Pre Stress 1

Pre Stress 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In today’s busy and  fast world its hardly possible to find a person who don’t experience stress. Stress may be experienced at the workplace or at home. It’s proved in science that stress has a lot of bad effects on our health including decrease in our bodies immune function. That means chronic long term stress can decrease our immunity to ward off infections or other diseases.

Now let us look into the scientific fact how really stress can lower our immunity. First, we should know what happen normally to understand the abnormal. Stress is a normal body response to cope with problems which are causing the stress. When we are in stressful situation, our body secretes a lot of cortisol hormone (a steroid hormone) from the cortex region of our adrenal glands (we have two such glands located above each kidneys). This cortisol helps us battle the stress. Now, if you have ever heard that long term steroid medications are harmful, the mechanism here in chronic stress is the same. During long term stress an individual is exposed to the excess body made steroid (i.e. cortisol) which lowers our immune capacities and make us prone to illnesses easily. Even long term stress can worsen your lipid and sugar profile too. Chronic stress can increase the blood sugar levels and lipid levels. This is because cortisol is meant to battle your stress by means of providing you a lot of energy, and to do so cortisol raises the blood glucose level. If you are a diabetic battling to reduce your blood sugar levels, a bit control of stress may aid in the process.

So, try relaxing and live a stress free life. Stress not only dampens your social relations and you mental peace, it damages your health too like a slow poison. Talk to your healthcare provider to learn the skills to keep stress away.

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