Are women more proud of their gender?

People find various sort of things to be proud of, like their looks, pets, parents, spouse, nationality, ethnicity and so on. But today our discussion is regarding the proudness about one’s gender. Based on the daily life experiences, this author firmly believes that commonly females express proudness of their gender. Male rather tend to be quite about their gender. This trend is probably true both in developed and underdeveloped nations. If you have any statistics in this regard which supports or contradict this author’s views please share them.

First, let us see why males generally don’t express proudness of their sex. It may be simply because men are the dominating sex in daily social life in most parts of the world (probably hold true till today in certain western nations too). Therefore, they don’t find need of expressing themselves overtly. The same cause may have acted differently in case of females. Most women, especially in developing and underdeveloped nations are notoriously dominated and disciplined by their male counter parts of the society. This might be a trigger for these females to express proudness of their gender to express freedom and self-respect.

Social dominance is one issue. Another possible cause may be the woman’s role as a caregiver. Still today, in most homes, mothers take the burden of caring for their child, cooking for all members of the family and doing various household activities to keep the home living. Both in poor and rich nations most stay-at home mothers role are underestimated by their husbands. Husband, become important for the family since he keeps the economic pipeline of the home regular. This underestimates the domestic role of the wife. This attitude towards the housewives can decrease their self-esteem as a woman and may compel them to roar out finally, that they are proud of their sex, an attempt to establish the value of a woman.

Finally, beauty. Females worldwide are more likely to be concerned about it than men. Even most muscular men are found to show their muscular beauty without expressing any regards for his own sex. But female models or beauty pageants are always sympathetic about their gender and commonly expresses their proudness.

Whatsoever, the author believes that, unless a person has problems related to their gender identity, one should have respect for his or her own sex. Simultaneously, one should respect people of the opposite (or other) sexes too. None of us have had any role or option about determining our own sexes, it was the decision of the male and female gamete from which we originated, our genders are simply the outcome!