How ballet dancers spin so fast?

Three ballet dancers performing a grand jeté jump

Are you ever concerned about how ballet dancers can make so many spins in a go without feeling dizzy.

We feel dizzy primarily because of our inner ear. Our ear consists of 3 parts- outer, middle and inner. The inner ear is responsible for our balance and position senses. So when we spin our inner ear sends signal to our brain which makes us feel dizzy. But with practice this reflex can be suppressed.

New research in this matter evidences that, the dancers can spin without getting dizzy simply by doing a lot of practice. They practice this art for years and finally are able to suppress the dizzy feeling.

This new finding might help experts understand the dizziness problem better and may be able to help people suffering with chronic dizziness.

Coming back to the ballet dancers issue, the old proverb appears to remain true for them i.e. practice makes a man perfect.

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