Quitting smoking can increase diabetes risk in postmenopausal women

Over 100,000 orders for smoking cessation products

Over 100,000 orders for smoking cessation products (Photo credit: BC Gov Photos)

Those who don’t like to listen to the campaign that smoking is injurious to the health here is something that they might like, although the author don’t wish to promote smoking and urges people to stop this deadly behavior. In the current day medical literature, smoking and genetics are two such threats which are almost related to every possible disease know to man (except those like trauma etc.). During the medical schools days when a question use to ask what is the etiology (cause) of a particular disease which is not read properly before the exam, these two potential threats use to suffice the purpose of answering largely and most of the time they use to be correct, especially the smoking.

Smoking is primarily blamed for causing cancer in various parts of the body and also responsible for heart attack and stroke by virtue of atherosclerosis. However, at various times few positive sides of smoking got enlightened too. Recently one such was enlisted in this list. It applies to postmenopausal (i.e. after stoppage of menses at certain age as a part of normal physiology) female smokers. Its found that postmenopausal women who suddenly stop smoking are prone to weight gain and its consequences like diabetes. But that don’t make smoking a good friend of human health. The risks of dying from heart disease in after menopause can be lowered by quitting smoking therefore, smoking should be avoided.

Based on this finding that quitting smoking in postmenopausal women can increase the body weight scale one can be cautious about it knowing it before hand and take necessary additional steps to check the sudden weight outburst. A physician may be an ideal person to seek help in this regard.


The finding, which was published in JAMA, provides insight into the potential health risks associated with smoking cessation.

The link between quitting smoking and weight gain has already been established in previous studies. Researchers from INSERM, France, and the University of Birmingham, UK, reported in the BMJ (British Medical Journal), that people who give up smoking generally put on 4 to 5 kg (9 to 11 lbs). The authors emphasized that although people put on more weight after giving up smoking than previously thought, the benefits of being a non-smoker far outweigh any harms linked to weight gain.

via Weight Gain Caused By Quitting Smoking Increases Diabetes Risk – Medical News Today.

For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Please cross check information from other sources too.