Change in walking strategy for better diabetes prevention


Weight-walking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We generally try doing all that are possible by us to stay away from diabetes. One step most people know and practice to prevent diabetes is regular walking. These days due to the pattern of our sedentary lifestyle most of us can’t manage much time for health. Hence people try following the schedule of walking for minimum 45 minutes to maintain health and protect themselves from diabetes. But recent updates about diabetes show that this 45 minute walk can be modified a bit and we can derive more benefit.

Instead of walking 45 minutes in one go a new study suggests walking for 15 minutes in 3 slots can be more effective and obviously a better choice if those walks are after our meals. So we may try getting 3 walks after 3 main meals although may not be possible for those who are working in office.

Special stress is given on importance of having a 15 minutes walk after night meals specially. Why so? The explanation is something like the following-  after our meal in night our blood is flooded with glucose (which we obtain from our meal) and if we directly go to bed after a meal we are actually leaving all the glucose clearance job on our poor pancreas which will have to produce enough insulin to decrease the blood glucose levels. A 15 minute walk after meal can simply decrease this workload on pancreas  by  making use of some of the blood glucose (by virtue of use of muscles during walking). Since walking is a type of exercise it will accelerate the glucose utilisation. Therefore workload on pancreas can be reduced and a healthy pancreas is probably one of the essentials to battle diabetes.

That’s all about diabetes update in this edition, will be back with some more updates soon.

For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference: link