How to reach the international or domestic terminal of airport in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the capital of the state West Bengal, a state located at the eastern part of India. Kolkata is well known for its own cultural heritage. However, in pace to the various other cities across the globe the city’s traffic system is not up to the mark and might cause difficulty to access the one of the main exit point of the city, the airport. The name of the airport in Kolkata is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

Both the domestic and the international terminal in Kolkata are in proximity so if you are nearing the airport, you are nearing to both of these terminals, just take the appropriate diversion depending upon your destination.

Unless you have previously booked a cab you will probably need to bargain a bit to travel via a taxi. As in most parts of the globe, some opportunistic taxi drivers are always there who take the longer route to the airport while driving tourists in their cab; probably they want you to have some more sight seeing of the city before you leave and that too in your expenses undoubtedly and sadly. Sometimes taxies are not easily available too.

So have some idea of landmarks of the nearby area so that you can reach easily. I prefer bus, a cheap and easy way to commute. However, not an easy task if you are not acquainted with local travel culture.

If you are traveling from the Dum Dum railway station, bus is an easy way to commute to the domestic terminal of the airport (other services like taxi or auto rickshaw might be available too).  I generally ask the conductor if it will go to airport or not. However, in most situations the conductors of the buses will be shouting loudly about its stoppages. Once in the bus I would generally ask for a ticket for the Gate no. 1 of the airport. Depending on the traffic it may take about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the airport. Generally, the bus fare will be about 8 rupees. After reaching gate no. 1 simply ask someone, which way to go to reach the airport. Its about 6 to 10 minutes walk from there. If walking is not possible try for other commuting services that are available in that area.

If you prefer to travel by taxi from Dum Dum railway station station to the  airport it generally costs about 200 rupees, but a good bargainer may make it at 50 rupees too, depends on your skill and the timing.

Local train services are there to the airport but not popular in my opinion and might not be safe too at certain times when there are very few passengers on the train. Furthermore, they are at infrequent intervals.

Unfortunately, unlike the New Delhi’s international airport, in Kolkata the local metro railway don’t have any established metro services yet to travel to the airport. Nearest metro station from the airport is the one located at the Dum Dum railway station premises.

Please cross check the information from other sources too. 
Written on author's own experiences.