How ‘Google sheets’ is better than Microsoft’s excel software?

‘Google sheets are are not shits but real spreadsheets.’ That is my introductory sentence for google sheets.

If you are new to the term ‘Google sheets’ let me introduce it to you. Its a ‘program’ or ‘software’ whichever way you might like to say it in tech language is something alike the Microsoft excel’s software. You may refer to this link to know about it in detail and experience it -

The biggest benefit of the ‘google sheets’ is that it is free, unlike the Microsoft’s office package (however Microsoft now a days provides an online version of its ‘office’ products free). Microsoft’s excel program can’t be run offline, unlike ‘google sheets’, unless you have the office software with excel component installed in your pc.

Besides being free I found excel sheet to be more user friendly for research or calculation purposes.  If you are not well acquainted to use the excel program of Microsoft or if there is no one to guide you in this regard you may want to explore its help window where tips are given. I found the Microsoft’s help sections quite robust and difficult to understand for person’s with less knowledge about computing especially in times when you are really short of time and patience. In contrast, I found google sheets approach quite simple, they have placed a ‘help’ item on the top of their product and on clicking to it a small search area appears which displays search results in seconds as you start typing.

Google sheets also make charts and diagrams automatically when you select certain part of your data, provided you are online. In the right lower part of your google sheet you can see a star icon glowing, when certain data are selected, and clicking it could show charts related to the selected area. I found this feature very much helpful you include this charts in your google sheet in expense of few clicks.

You can also make charts offline too, just click the ‘chart’ option from its drop down menu under the level ‘insert’.

Customizing or editing a pie chart or a bar diagram is much easier in google sheets than Microsoft’s excel program. Simply select the chart you want to edit and right click on it and  you will get self explained options to choose from and after doing little bit experiment with it you will make yourself flying with your charts on google sheets.

If you are a person who finds working in Microsoft excel difficult or requires other’s help every time, you must give google sheet a try. Even the Mac’s similar software probably don’t come for free offline.

Another interesting point about google sheets is that it has a ‘add-ons’ option though which you can add various features which might require.

However, some demerits are there with google sheets too. One is that certain features of it might not function when you are offline. But it has a offline format in which you can do a lot of work in absence of a internet connection.

One feature, I am not sure if google sheet has or not, but I am looking for is, how to transfer charts, data or diagrams to google docs from the google sheets directly with few clicks. Currently I am doing my research work by copying and pasting from google sheets to google docs.

So that was all about the review. Hope it will help you to make your choice.

Disclaimer: This piece of writing is based on the author’s individualized experiences and not a promotional writing. The author is an user of certain products of ‘Google’, ‘Microsoft’ and ‘Mac’.