Drink with CAUTION, don’t spoil your christmas.

Christmas is knocking at the door, most people are finishing their work to enjoying the day. In almost all western nations christmas is celebrated by means of various foods- cakes, chocolates, variety of sweets to alcohol. Today we are particularly talking about the latter.

In the developing nations, round the year hundreds of deaths are reported due to consumption of fake alcohol. since most people look for cheap alcohol, and some illegal suppliers take advantage of this and provide methanol instead of alcohol, which leads to fatal consequences like blindness and death. Methanol is used in industrial purposes (mostly in those related too wood works).

Interestingly, in developed nations too people have similar instincts as of poor nations, that is, searching cheap sources of alcohol. In the process of doing so, in this christmas time they too become a prey of counterfeit alcohol products. Fake alcohol, besides containing methanol, can also have other compounds like chloroform (a liquid used for anesthetizing lab animals). Therefore, western people too should refrain themselves from becoming prey of such counterfeit products, because this illegal trade illuminates only when requirements are large and people want to pay less. Enjoy a happy and safe christmas.

Read below an excerpt from BBC to feel the depth of the problem:
In September 2013, one nightclub in Leeds city centre was fined £5,000 after 656 litres of fake vodka was found on site.

Lee Swift, enforcement officer at West Yorkshire Trading Standards, said: “It’s more tempting for shopkeepers, even clubs to some extent, to not go to their legitimate supply chain.

“There’s the temptation of buying cheaper alcohol for cash.”

According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, the alcohol industry is worth £37.7bn in the UK.

Criminals have sought to exploit that market.

A study by the Institute of Economic Affairs estimated counterfeit alcohol costs the treasury £1.2 billion every year.

via BBC – Newsbeat – Christmas trading standards warning over fake alcohol. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/25437163)