Vitamin E, Helps in Alzheimer’s

Vitamin E is a vitamin well known for its antioxidant action. Its abundantly found in oils like sunflower oil and safflower oil. It blocks oxidation of fat, hence free radicals can’t generate, and that’s how it performs the antioxidant action. However, to much of this vitamin can increase the risk of bleeding. Hence, simultaneous intake of blood thinning medications can prove detrimental,increasing risk of severe bleeding.

Its antioxidant role also sheaths the red cells from destruction from free radicals. Therefore, a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to increased red cell destruction, finally causing anemia. The deficiency can also weaken the muscular and neurologic infrastructure of our body leading to myopathies and neuropathies respectively.

Recent evidences show that this wonder vitamin can also help ALzheimer’s patients, although some are skeptical about its use in Alzheimer’s sufferers as a very high dose might be required for the purpose. Evidences show that this vitamin can slow the rate decline of their function to some extent.

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