Vitamin D increases children’s muscle power

Today lets talk about the wonder vitamin, Vitamin D. This vitamin is known for improving bone health by increasing mineralisation of bone.

This vitamin utilizes calcium we ingest effectively to make it available for bones.

But where from do you get this vitamin? Broadly you can get this vitamin from 2 sources one is the sunlight (which provides the D2 variant of vitamin D), and food products gives you the D3 component of vitamin D). Food products like oily fishes are rich sources of vitamin D.

One interesting thing many people might not know, is how commercial milk is fortified with Vitamin D, they do so by exposing the milk to UV lights. It’s something like how our skin utilizes sunlight for synthesizing vitamin D.

Recent, evidences show that vitamin D’s benefits are no longer limited to bone strengthening, it’s further stretched to strengthen our muscles. How and When? Evidences showed that if mother consumes enough vitamin D during her pregnancy, her child by the age of 4 will have a good gripping strength in hands. Isn’t that interesting?

Maybe mother’s womb might be the first gym of tomorrow, from where one will start his or her bodybuilding training. So in future, training for Olympic medals for physical endurance related games may start before birth. Only doubt that will remain is, if the newborn will be ready to accept such sports as a career when he grows up!

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