Which side of brain is involved in talking?

Our body does a complex group of actions to produce speech. Although, it might seem that we speak just because of movements of our lips, tongue and vocal cords, but much more is involved in production of speech. A complex set of nerves are required to fire and work in perfect harmony, to produce effective speech. This process of speech production starts from our brains, and like flow of river from hill top to sea, speech too flows down the nerves and produces vibration and movement of structures in oral cavity and throat which produces speech.

For long time people believed that speech is produced due to the function of left side of brain, which is probably not true any more. Recent findings show that speech production is due both sides of the brain.

Read an excerpt in this regard:

This new study directly examined the link between speech and brain activity. Patients in the study had specialized electrodes implanted directly inside and on the surface of the brain.

The researchers focused on parts of the brain used during speech. The participants were asked to repeat two “non-words” — “kig” and “pob.” Using non-words to trigger brain activity enabled the researchers to isolate speech from language.

The results showed that the participants used both sides of the brain for speech, according to the study published Jan. 15 in the journal Nature.

via Both Sides of Brain Involved in Speech, Study Finds: MedlinePlus.

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