Why do people fall prey to Quacks?

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Today we are talking about quacks, no not quack of a duck but about fraud medical practitioners sometimes referred as quacks. Generally, they are not really certified or licensed doctors but they claim to be an expert in the health field and treat patients and probably illegal in most nations. Quack practitioners are found almost in all parts of the globe although they seem to be more prevalent in developing and underdeveloped nations. Based on the author’s observation following are probable causes what makes a person fall prey to a quack practitioner:

First, education. Generally, no or less education makes a person an easy prey for quack practitioners although educated people also might visit them depending on certain circumstances. When a person makes false claims of providing cure a person with no education is more likely to be easily fooled.

Second, is poverty (which might go alongside illiteracy). Poverty might make an individual’s life miserable to seek modern medical care which is very much expensive for certain treatments and sometimes even middle-class higher-average income person might succumb to its expenditure burden. For example, certain cancer medications are so costly that a person might look for the easy alternatives and land in the quacks trap who may make false promises of providing cheap treatment.

Third, lack of certified healthcare providers, probably important in poor nations especially. Besides lack of healthcare providers, another problem also exists in remote villages of these nations which is lack of good transport system (roads, vehicles etc.) to reach to a health center. Also, many a time corruption issues also exist in such countries which complicate human life so bitterly that common man probably is left with no alternatives besides believing and seeking help from the quack practitioners.

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Fourth and final point is certain deficiencies in mainstream medicine itself. For example in modern medicine huge amount of diseases exist in which doctors mostly can’t cure the disease but help us leave with the disease like in hypertension, diabetes, stroke, HIV, SLE, multiple sclerosis, certain stages of cancers etc. In such medical scenarios, quack practitioners might make false claims of curing the disease and people in search of an easy cure becomes their prey. One such common example is probably cases of certain body pains like certain arthritis where a certified doctor might provide pain relief very cautiously to not victimize the body with side effects of pain medications like steroids etc. but a quack practitioner might not bother at all about those side effects and give high dose steroids and provide remarkable and rapid relief of pain. It’s probably nature of humans to trust the person who decreases our bodily pain sufferings no matter what the side effects of those drugs are and trust to such quack practitioner’s piles up in the human mind and the appreciation spreads to other pain affected individuals fast. I remember a lady with such chronic pain issues landed to hospital after getting damage to her kidney to an extent that made a kidney transplantation decision necessary due to long-term use of certain immune-suppressing drugs by a quack practitioner (probably the person was getting those drugs for about 9 or 10 years).

Readers, please share your story if any with quacks so that others might benefit from your experiences. Every day around the world thousands of people is probably falling prey to these quacks and lessening their life spans every day, every minute. Solution? May the international world health agencies come forward along with the individual nations to take legal action against false medical claims and false medical practitioners and simultaneously make a worldwide campaign to inform people about the correct ways of seeking health care for a better healthy life. May god nurture our wisdom to understand better the good as good and evil as evil!

The above piece of writing is based on the author’s individual thoughts, understandings and views on the subject discussed, not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings by any means. Thanks.


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