Causes of spleenomegaly can be categorized into which 3 primary groups based on pathogenesis?
1. dt increased demand of splenic function
2. dt abnormal splenic or portal blood flow

3. splenic infiltration

What factors can cause spleenomegaly due to increased demand of splenic function?
  • inc removal of defective RBCs
      • HS,sickle cell anemia.,thalasemia major, PNH
  • infections


bac- splenic abscess,TB,SABE, bac septicemia, cong syphilis;

viral- AIDS, viral hep, inf mono,CMV;


  • immunologic-
      • SLE,ITP, RA (Felty’s synd), sarcoidosis, collagen vas dis)
  • Extramedullary hematopoiesis (marrow damage causes)-
      • myelofibrosis, marrow damage by toxins/radiation/tumors

What factors can cause spleenomegaly due toabnormal splenic or portal blood flow?

a. CHF, portal HTN, Liver cirrhosis, hepatic vein obstruction
What factors can cause spleenomegaly due to splenic infiltration?
a. amyloidosis, gaucher, nieman pick, hurler,leukemia, lymphoma, hodgkins, PCV, mets (melanoma), splenic cysts