Demerits of touch screen laptops

Touch screen laptop

Now a days lot of companies are launching screen touch function enabled laptops. These laptops  truly look nice and seems to be user friendly but I found few negative points, which I am sharing below-
  1. First, is cost. At the current time such touch screen laptops are expensive.
  2. Next,  in the list is screen marks. Sweat from our fingers can keep ugly looking marks on the screen, similar to finger sweep marks on tablets.
  3. According to some users, it consumes more battery than normal LAPTOPs. Therefore, your laptop’s battery life also effected inadvertently. This may also make your laptop a bad choice at places where there is no easy way to recharge.
  4. While cleaning the sweat spots of your finger you may need to add excessive pressure and might risk your laptop’s screen from getting scratch marks. Scratch marks shouldn’t be a problem if you are comfortable, using ugly scratchy laptop screens.

So what are the solutions:

  1. The laptop producing companies need to think of decreasing the price of their laptops.
  2. They might provide a screen cover/guard (a transparent plastic sheet sort of stuff) which can protect the screen from direct trauma by the users while swiping fingers on the screen or cleaning.
  3. Finally, a laptop with compromised battery life is probably the worst laptop. So some sort of tech upgrade is required, so that the touch screen laptop’s can be used for longer hours.

Hope this experiences prove useful.