Tomatoes for health

Who don’t like red appealing tomatoes in their regular diet? Tomatoes are not only good looking fruit, they are healthy too. There probably is an argument if tomato is a vegetable or fruit, let’s not dip into that today.

If you have some place to do gardening, try planting tomatoes. They will give your garden an amazing beauty like red bulbs scattered all over. Another benefit of growing tomato at home is probably that you can eat healthy tomatoes with out the side effects of excessive usage of fertilisers of pesticides.

Besides the appealing beauty of tomato, it is highly nutritious too. But how should we eat it- raw, boiled, fried or grilled? It can be eaten in any way but vitamin c generally degrades upon exposure to heat, therefore its probably wise to have them raw for extracting this vitamin (since tomatoes are rich in vitamin c).

Some people may find eating raw tomatoes bit smelly. They may eat it using some other edible flavouring agent or creams but take care of there calories. A good way to avoid the smell and eat it in healthy manner is probably to eat it as a part of salad. Using chopped onion, coriander, cucumber and slight curd might add an edge to your raw tomato eating experiences.

Some people also like to drink tomato juices, which is not bad but if the pulp of tomato is discarded while making juices you might be losing the benefits of the fibre in the tomato pulp. As you may know fibre rich diet is good for curbing obesity and also softens the stool. Moreover, sugar added to the tomato juices can make the tomato juices rich in calories and can contribute to weight gain, if taken regularly in high quantity.

Finally, a component of tomato is niacin. Interestingly, niacin is also used as a drug to decrease blood lipid levels.

So eat plenty of fresh tomatoes. Make your life and health colourful by adding colourful tomatoes to your diet.

full plate tomatoes