Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes

This type is usually of juvenile type i.e. occurs in young aged children or adolescents.
Type 1 occurs due to true deficiency of the hormone insulin.

Now the question is why should someone be deficient to the hormone. Any serious insult to the pancreas (in the beta cells of pancreas mainly, where insulin is produced) can damage its ability to produce insulin. Since there is true deficiency of insulin it’s also called insulin dependent type of diabetes.

The phrase ‘insulin-dependent’ is something confused by many type 2 diabetes patients who are on insulin; since they are on insulin they believe wrongly that they are suffering from insulin dependent type of diabetes which is type 1 actually.

Heard about a person who was insured for insulin dependent type diabetes, so when his treatment on anti- diabetes drugs failed and was started on insulin he claimed to the company that he is taking insulin so he has ‘insulin dependent diabetes’ but the company obviously refused since insulin dependent diabetes means type 1 diabetes and not a person who takes insulin for type 2. So while signing a health insurance policy try to cross check these type of issues, since the companies might not take the pain to explain each and every issue to you.

Since these patients are deficient of insulin their treatment primarily consist of insulin injections as guided by their healthcare provider.

This type of diabetes can cause a grave life threatening complication called diabetic ketoacidosis. The word ketoacidosis (keto+acidosis) means an increase in blood acidic level (i.e. decrease in blood pH) due to accumulation of ketone bodies.

If you are wondering where from these ketone bodies come; well they are actually break down products of body fat (normal action of insulin is to store fat but when they are deficient as in type 1 diabetes it might cause breakdown of fat and producing ketone bodies which are acidic in nature and make blood pH acidic). Generally such condition needs immediate medical care in emergency room of a hospital.