Demerits of a cordless mouse

Have you ever considered about buying a cordless mouse. If yes this post might be for you.

First let’s see why we generally think of buying a cordless mouse. Although many possible reasons can be there one   most important is probably to make our workplace clean, tidy and free from wires. Since in the current decade most of ours work table looks like a bomb makers table full of gadgets and wires.

So in that way an wireless optical mouse can really decrease the wire load on our table and make our table look neat. I have been using this wireless device for almost 3 years and found some negative points about it, which I will try to share with the readers below.

 Lets explore them in a point wise manner-

  1. Since it always requires a small pencil battery inside, it considerably increases its weight to some extent. If you are a whole day computer user you might find it to cause some discomfort for you hands and fingers after a use of an year or more.
  2. Next is the battery life of your mouse. If you start with a brand new battery it might be exhausted in a week or less when you use it extensively. Obviously you can’t use your pc keeping in mind the battery hours of your mouse, since computers are so essential these days.
  3. A good solution that I found to deal with the battery life is to use rechargeable batteries. But this is not convenient unless you are a disciplined person and have time to regularly charge the batteries. And even after having fully charged batteries specially during travel many a times these batteries don’t work when you really need them to work. In that case you might need to carry your mouse battery charger with you.

So I finally thought of returning to wired mouse but with slight change. This time I tried to choose a mouse that will be less in weight and small in size with less wire length.

Finally, I found such an alternative in e-shopping websites. Just try to type the word micro-mouse (or corded micro mouse) on any reputed search engine and you can get one.

Some of these mouse have a small coiling device attached which allows you to keep the wire length to your desired length, so that you can make your work table’s untidiness limited according to the extent you allow.

Here you can find a picture of such a mouse-

Hope this piece of writing will help you to choose a mouse that suits your needs better.