Foot care in diabetes

Most  good physicians ask their patients who have diabetes to keep an eye on their foots. Hence a regular check up of foot is essential both by the doctor and the patient.

Many a times patients are not concerned about the problem since they don’t suffer from any pain due to the foot ulcers. Many apply local antiseptic creams and think they can self medicate and heal the lesion.

But such such self medications may not help at all, specially if the blood glucose level is too high. High blood sugar levels invite bacteria to have a feast on the injured or damaged toe.

The patient don’t feel any pain because excessive sugar level damages the peripheral nerves of our body and our body might fail to produce any pain and therefore the foot ulcers may remain unnoticed or receive less attention by the patient and his family members.

What should be done when such a lesion is found on the foot? BEST step is probably to contact to your healthcare provider and seek their help.

When neglected or improperly treated the end result could be as fatal as an amputation of toe or leg.

So keep an eye on your feet and also be in touch with your doctor.

This post is based on knowledge and understandings of the author. Please cross check the information or issue from other reliable sources. The author don’t guarantee the information shared here are totally correct. So Please be guided by your healthcare provider and not this blog.