Calculation of potassium requirement in children?

Today we will discuss how to calculate the quantity of potassium to be added in the maintenance fluid i.e. the amount of potassium required for our body.

2 Things to know before calculation of potassium requirement –

-Potassium requirement of body is 2 mEq / kg bodyweight.
-1 ml KCl is equal to 2 mEq of K+

Example calculation using the above 2 points :

What will be the k+ requirement of a 10kg child.
Using the requirements formula above the child will need 10×20= 20 mEq

As discussed above 1 ml KCl is equal to 2 mEq of K+ ; so 20 mEq K+ will be equal to 10 ml of KCl.

Some people use the following way to calculate:

When you are planning to add k+ in maintenance fluid. Divide the required maintenance fluid by 100 and it will give you the required k+ in ml. The maintenance fluid requirement for a 10 kg child will be 10 x 100 = 1000 ml. So, the amount of K+ to add in it will be 1000/100 = 10 ml.

PS- Information in this post may not be free of error. For correct information refer to genuine resources.