Why do people blog?

Why did I plan to write this post? It’s because of one of the causes why I prefer to blog, simply to acquire some peace of mind.

Peace of mind is something that an individual can derive from a wide variety of things like watching movies, listening to music, talking to persons we like to talk with, writing a story, eating their favorite food etc. Many people derive pleasure through their writings and then sharing it with others, as I am doing with you now.

There are certain thoughts which we perceive inside ourselves and are best narrated to the external world via writing, a silent way of expressing the beauty of our minds. Blog writing serves this purpose largely. In certain emotional situations specially at times when we are sad, blogging becomes our only friend which painstakingly listens to every cry of our heart. At my childhood days, when computer or blogging would not have been this popular as today, we had to note the fragments of our emotions in a piece of paper that always had chance to get lost or worn out. Simultaneously, it was not possible to share with our well wishers, unlike blog writing.

Besides providing comfort to our feeling, writing in a blog also helps to discover many hidden writers who would otherwise not dare to write an article. I feel if the current day technology was present when Shakespeare did his writings, the world would have got few more good authors like him. In the current time blogging has given the chance to many less popular authors to show their creative work. Even a non-professional writer becomes courageous to write and weigh his writing by sharing his written craft with the real world. Readers can be reached much easily than before, thanks to the latest technology of internet and blogging.

Blogging is also popular among the business professionals. By means of a blog a businessman can tell to his customers about his products with no extra cost or minimal cost. Blogging services are provided freely by various blog hosting companies. The customers can directly contact the seller and resolve their queries along with their feedback about scopes of improvement. Henceforth, it helps both the seller and the buyer. Moreover, small sellers who can’t afford huge marketing expenses may find blog as a cheap but powerful tool to promote their products.

For public figures blogging is like a gods boon. A political party leader who is not blessed enough by the media to air his voice sufficiently may find his blog as one of the best platform to let people know about his agendas in detail. Otherwise, news channels for unknown reasons might not broadcast everything that is positive about that leader (specially true about honest economically weak politicians). In addition to that the leader can also know about the opinion of common man via the feedback he receives on his blog.

Next, is as a source of information. Blogs serves to provide information about different things that are important in man’s life like, but not limited to, health, travel, law, science, news etc. There are hundreds of blogs that deal with health and fitness related issues.

Finally, are the bad guys who too probably do type a post in a blog. These people may be a criminally minded person or a group of people with plans to make peace disappear from common man’s life. Bad people may post things that can engage or motivate their readers to get involved in crime or become the prey of crime.

Those were some of the causes I could sketch why people write a blog. However, this list may be much more longer or probably endless.