How to calculate intravenous fluid drop rate?

How to calculate intravenous fluid drop rate?

We will discuss here how to calculate the number of drops of fluid to be given to a patient.

We will do it by an example.

Before we look into the example we should know that 1 ml of fluid is equal to 20 drops.

Now we will begin.

Suppose we need to give a particular drug in the rate of 50ml per hour. So, how many drops should go in one minute?

Since 1 hour is equal to 60 minutes, 50/60=0.8333 ml is to be given in 1 minute

As we discussed above 1ml = 20 drops

So in this case 0.83 x 20=16.6 i.e. about 17 drops to be given in a minute

Quite simple!