Introduction to Programming language

Now a days, the computer is a machine of everyday use at people of each levels of the society at large. However, it was once invented for the purpose of performing huge calculations unimaginable to perform manually and also required a lot of time and effort.

Although, presently the requirements of personal computers have been increased by many folds, still the old way of using computers for calculations are always getting ever more important than before.

As I mentioned that the computers are mere machines with no intelect at all, one needs to command the computer to perform his task. Now, the language computer understand is difficult. Hence, one need to install a software that works as an interpreter. There are different interpreters available today, as per example the C, C++, Fortran, Java etc. To perform a mathematical task one needs to understand and implement at least one of this “languages” popularly known as high level language or programming language.