How to prepare Oral rehydration solution or ORS?


Oral rehydration solution or ORS is a sort of magic drink when it comes to treatment of dehydration due to vomiting or loose motion. In the developing world packets of ORS are available with which 1 liter ORS water can be made.

It’s ideal to use boil water or reliable germ free packed mineral water.  Generally it’s ideal to use water of normal temperature.  So if you are using boiled water allow some time to bring it to room temperature.

Now pour one sachet (one liter packet) into one liter of water and your ORS is prepared. It’s good to use an one liter bottle for the purpose if available.

Once you have prepared the ORS write 📝 the date and time ⌚ when you prepared it and label 🔖 it. The purpose of doing so is to not to use the solution for more than 24 hours.  If all of the solution is not used up in 24 hours, you have to discard the remaining.

Make sure that you read the ORS sachet’s labeling properly for any particular instruction.

Finally it’s wise to be guided by a health care professional in this regard.